Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal information is important to us … The respect and protection of your privacy on The Rocksoft site is aware of the issues raised with respect to the circulation of personal information on the Internet and wishes to work with you to ensure respect and protection of your privacy. For this reason, we want to tell you what kind of information we collect when you visit the Rocksoft site and also when, how and why we collect this information. We therefore ask you to read carefully the following lines and to refer to them periodically to follow the changes that may be made to them. Rest assured that no personal information is collected on the Rocksoft website without your consent.

The collection of this information simply allows the Rocksoft site to give you a service more relevant to your needs, to join you in the event that you win a prize and, if you have indicated the desire, to make you may from time to time receive information by email. Only the Rocksoft site has access to this information you have provided. If you should be asked for another reason, you will automatically and expressly be notified at the same time that this information is requested.

No personal information will be made available to anyone outside the Rocksoft site without your explicit and prior permission. In addition, we wish to mention that all personal information collected on the Rocksoft site is saved in areas inaccessible to the public.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you have the option at any time to ask the Rocksoft site not to stop or discontinue the use of your personal information.

In summary, the only situations in which the Rocksoft Site may disclose personal information about you are as follows: at the request of a lawful authority or in good faith considering that such action is required (a) to comply with any law or regulation in force, or to intervene in a lawsuit against the Rocksoft site; (b) to protect or defend the rights or property of the Rocksoft Site or users of the Rocksoft Site; and (c) to intervene, in extreme circumstances, for the purpose of protecting the personal safety of users of the Rocksoft Site or the public. The Rocksoft site contains links to third-party websites; these links are only offered for your approval.

Activating these links will remove you from the Rocksoft site. You should be aware that the Rocksoft site has no control over the websites of third parties and that the fact that these sites are listed on the Rocksoft site does not engage in any way the responsibility of the Rocksoft site. Thus, any personal information that you give to other sites than those of the Rocksoft site will necessarily be subject to the privacy policy of these other sites. In such a case, the Rocksoft site can never be held responsible for any abuse that may result. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully review the privacy policy of these other sites.

Also, keep in mind that the voluntary dissemination of personal information during chat room sessions, by e-mail or on an electronic bulletin board is not covered by this policy of protection of your life. private; so you must always be careful when giving your personal information by these means. You transmit this information at your own risk. This information may be collected and used by third parties without prior consent from you. In short, if you enter personal information online and this information is publicly available, you may receive unsolicited messages from third parties. The Rocksoft site disclaims all responsibility in this regard. At all times, we advise you to remain cautious and attentive when you are online on the Internet.

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