Anemone Family of Rental Management Software

A unique collection of space management software programs.


ROCKSOFT has designed and conceived a unique collection of space management software programs that allow you to maximize your space rental business.   Weather you manage a self-storage business, or a Marina, your space management needs are very similar.  The anemone suite of software packages is ideal for rental space companies such as yours.  Anemone Software’s is applied to various industries, such as: Self-Storage, Marinas, Campgrounds, Hotels, Motels, B&B’s, Animal Shelters, fleet of rental vehicles, and the list goes on.

Common functionalities of the Anémone family of softwares.

See why more than 300 companies use the Anemone family suite

Our anemone suite being so versatile, can regroup all aspects of your business software’s.  Weather you need to talk to your accounting system,  gate system, online payment system, online reservation via your web site, Web portal(to have your customers pay anytime their balance via your website),and even biometrics (to have your customers pay as they go with their thumb), Anemone can manage all of these applications through its unique bridge portal.  Yes that’s right!  Anemone has developed data bridges with all of these software vendors, to allow access and manage each one of these different arms of your business.

Below, you will find listed, all of our current bridges modules.  These are presently available for the Anemone family of software solutions.  They are all sold separately, but are worth their weight in gold!

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    « Thanks to Anemone, our efficiency has greatly improved! »

    Camping Annie, Métis-sur-mer, Québec.

    « The ROCKSOFT team have a good set of ears…, they made changes to our program just as we requested, and in record time too!   Bravo! »

    Michelyne Saint Pierre, Camping Demi Lieue, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Québec.

    « We made the jump towards Anemone Camping almost 2 years ago.  What a nice move! We are really happy with all the features Anemone has given us, and their support team is just wonderful. »

    Michel Charette, Camping Chutes-aux-Iroquois, Labelle, Québec.

    « With Anemone, we can now produce all kinds of reports that are pertinent to our business process.  Be it for government specific returns or just a complete sales report from the weekend’s activities.., all these transactions are done seamlessly through the special bridge with our accounting program. »

    Jean-Richard Lauzon, Camping Lac Magog, Magog, Québec.

    « The bird’s eye view is so neat!  What a cool invention!  At a glance, I can see who is leaving and who is staying, and who needs to pay or not.  I can make decisions and validate occupancy in an instant.  This feature saves us so much time. »

    Serge Rioux, Camping Lac St-Michel, Trois-Rivières, Québec.

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