Anémone Expédition : a complete management tool to optimize the administration of your outfitter


Anemone Expedition is an integrated management software designed specifically to help you optimize all operations related to the rental of your room or cottage units. thanks to Anemone Expedition, increase your productivity, reduce costs and deadlines and offer better customer service.

A practical management system

  • Stands for your accounting system
  • Anemone Expedition contains an interactive map of your site, including your units and services
  • Anemone Expedition is bilingual (EN / FR).
  • User-friendly: Mastery quickly thanks to its ergonomic interface
  • Easy to install: Implants quickly; the software runs on platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

A unique solution for your multiple operations

Anemone Expedition integrates all operations related to the rental of your units. Its many features improve your productivity.

Point of sale system
Anemone also has its own integrated point of sale!


  • It allows the sale of any service and accessory at a point of sale.
  • Supports touch screens and barcode readers.
Booking Management
No more booking errors and schedule overlaps due to parallel management systems!


  • Plan the availability of your lands according to the time interval of your choice (days, weeks, months, year).
  • No need to copy and paste from a master document, the reservation data will automatically be reflected in the map of your location.
  • The relational database allows multiple users to use Anemone simultaneously.
  • Manage the arrivals and departures of your customers
  • Maximize your unit rental spaces.
Online Reservation
The software can be accompanied by the online booking platform which allows customers to book their room & nbsp; or chalet in real time, fill out a booking form and make the payment.


An effective and safe website that simplifies your operations
  • Online bookings of your customers are automatically reflected in your own booking calendar, ensuring your data remains reliable at all times.
  • With several Internet payment service providers, Anemone Expedition is a secure site for processing credit card payments online.
Promote your site and attract new customers!

Take advantage of the Anemone Expedition web platform to promote your outfitter by pouring inviting images of your units and facilities.

Invoice management
Save time and money with a simplified billing process.


  • Anemone Expedition allows you to charge according to the parameters of your choice: pricing by the day, week, month, etc.
  • Allows the sale of various foods, products and services.
  • Authorizes the creation of rebates and credit notes.
  • Accepts all payment methods.
Improve the efficiency of your accounting without changing your accounting system!
  • Works with most common accounting software.
  • The automatically transmitted data reduces the time spent on data entry, the risk of errors and the duplication of data.
Contract Management and Customer Information
Gather your rental agreements and customer information in a single software package to quickly access reliable data that is relevant to your needs.


  • Conditions and duration of the contract, including the effective date and the end date, etc.
  • Complete information about your customers: contact details, special requests addressed, etc.
Creating and printing reports
Access a series of reports necessary for the sound management of your business.


  • View reports on availability, payments, receivables, and sales.
  • Print your statements and invoices.
A wise investment for optimal results
  • Better productivity
    An integrated solution that simplifies your day-to-day operations and saves you time.
  • Better accessibility to information
    Your data is centralized and available in real time/li>
  • Better data reliability
    Anemone avoids duplication of data and reduces the risk of errors
  • Best customer service
    No more booking errors and overlapping schedules.
Our turnkey solution
Harness the full potential of your Rocksoft solution with our full range of professional services :


  • Evaluation and analysis of your specific needs
  • Modification and or addition according to your needs
  • Training of your employees via our web gateway. (Or on site at our offices)
  • Technical assistance via our remote and telephone gateway

You want to know more about the features of Anemone Expedition?

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Anemone’s Modules

Increase the power of your Anemone with our add-ons that gives you 360º management of your business. See details




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    « We use almost every module Anemone has to offer.  I must say, we save a lot of time and money by centralizing all of our business processes in only one software package.  Nothing but net for the service we received at ROCKSOFT »

    Nicole Choquette, Camping Falaise-Sur-Mer, St-Siméon, Québec.

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