Do you own a self-storage or plan to acquire one? Did you know that the management of a self-storage can be 100% automated?

With Rocksoft’s Anemone Storage solution, it is possible to operate the self-storage industry autonomously, without any on-site employees! Who hasn’t dreamed of having a business that pays for itself effortlessly!?

Anemone Storage and gateway modules to automate.

Rocksoft presents its Anemone Storage software for managing a self-storage facility. Anemone allows the complete management of this industry niche and automates all facets thanks to the following modules:

  • Online Payment Module : With the online payment module, customers submit their credit card information and Anemone debits the card according to the billing cycle determined by the manager, either monthly according to the date of possession of the premises, or  monthly on the first of each month.
  • Online Reservation Module : This module allows your customers to create their customer profile and choose the unit that corresponds to their needs directly on the Internet, which replaces the need to have a clerk on site to complete the registration of a customer.
  • Gate Control Module : This module allows you to manage the access codes for opening the gate to access the site and also manage the opening of the door that the customer can book online.
    This module also allows you to deactivate a code for a customer who has a late payment, according to your settings.
  • Accounting Module : This module allows transactions to be transmitted directly to your accounting system to optimize your time and simplify your operations even more.

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